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Working From Home: Balancing a Peaceful Home and a Productive Business

If you are among the fortunate 12% of individuals who work from home, this blog is for you. Though there are so many benefits to working from home, this environment can be difficult to balance. With no office community, unmonitored productivity, and the added distractions of housework, errands, and family, it can be challenging to stay on top of things. However, when managed well, your home can become a perfect work setting. The following are four ways to make your home a work environment that is both peaceful and productive.

Make a detailed schedule. Consistency is a critical driver for success. Scheduling your start time, breaks, and end time, is probably the most important step in balancing home and work life. Getting up early to have time to yourself and starting work at the same time every day will boost your productivity and help you achieve your goals. In addition, having a definite end time will help you manage how much you can accomplish in a day, allow you to schedule other plans without work interfering, and give you the motivation to grind until you clock out. This benefits both you and your customers by giving them the most devoted quality service within your hours.

Create an office space. I found in college that having a designated workspace made a noticeable difference in my productivity. This will also benefit you outside of your work hours. Having a designated office space allows you to concentrate better on work-related tasks, and later enjoy some well-deserved downtime in your leisure area. This approach can help you achieve a better balance between work and relaxation.

Get ready for the day. Though rolling out of bed and working from your pajamas sounds amazing, getting ready for the day will truly boost your productivity. Waking up to get a workout in, showering, and putting on a feel-good fit will boost your mood, give you confidence, and enhance your efficiency. While enabling you to feel professional from home, it also ensures that you are ready for virtual meetings and whatever unexpected tasks the day may bring.

Communicate your needs. If you will be working at home with family members, it is especially important to communicate your needs. This includes your hours, breaks, the noise level at which you are most productive, and your privacy in your designated office space. Letting your family know you will be on the phone or will be having a Zoom meeting that day will avoid the awkwardness of a child running into the room, your wife drying her hair in the next room over or your husband weed-whacking next to your office window. This will maintain a very profitable workspace and a peaceful home environment.

Making a detailed schedule, creating an office space, getting ready for the day, and communicating your work needs are just four simple ways to make your home your dream office.

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