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Dealing with paper availability

  1. Look for vendors across the country.

When searching for a limited paper, we've often found that searching outside of your local area will prove successful. Try searching for paper from companies in other states, too. For example, if your local paper dealer lacks the needed supply or quantity, try another branch outside of your county or state.

2. Use Online Sources

Although this option is more expensive, we've had some success finding paper from online sources. There are a few online stores that have repeatedly helped us out in finding our needed paper supply. Most likely, you'll find one that can help you, too.

3. Broker work to other printers

Often times, another printer can have the paper you need. Although you may want to keep the work in house, sometimes brokering work out can actually be less than what a in-house print shop would charge. So before turning away a job due to (a lack of) paper availability, see if a trade printer has the resources to do it. You may find yourself saving money, too.

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